Designer Highs


Our Story

At LucidMood, we believe in making every moment count.
Your right to enjoy experiences and adventures without the pressure of modern life is at the center of what we do.

To that end, we deliver the best – and only the best – qualities of cannabis to you. Formulated with love by some of the biggest science geeks in the industry, we marry cannabis and science to create products that work precisely with your body and mind to deliver just the right sensation. Our pure and natural ingredients come together to heighten experiences – never to dull them.

Since 2015, LucidMood has continually refined their products to what they are today – designer highs for everyone – even the skeptics.

Meet the team

Katharine Leonard


I am a strategic leader focused on product innovation and growth. Before Lucid Mood, I ran product strategy in delivery logistics, working directly with dispensaries to establish delivery services within regulation. I managed an international team of developers, product designers, project and product managers to continue to innovate in the last-mile delivery space.

Given the quickly changing cannabis landscape, I love being a part of delivering an exceptional cannabis product to enhance our customers’ health and wellness. 

Holly Prohs


I am a growth-oriented operator. I love taking strategy head-on and seeing improvement through to the finish line. After four years of experience leading the operations of an eCommerce SaaS company, I learned what it takes to operate successfully in today’s ever-changing business environment. 

This fuels my passion for Lucid Mood and providing a one-of-a-kind cannabis experience for our consumers.