Designer Highs


Our Story

At LucidMood, we believe in making every moment count.
Your right to enjoy experiences and adventures without the pressure of modern life is at the center of what we do.

To that end, we deliver the best – and only the best – qualities of cannabis to you. Formulated with love by some of the biggest science geeks in the industry, we marry cannabis and science to create products that work precisely with your body and mind to deliver just the right sensation. Our pure and natural ingredients come together to heighten experiences – never to dull them.

Since 2015, LucidMood has continually refined their products to what they are today – designer highs for everyone – even the skeptics.

Meet the team

Charles Jones


Under Charles’ leadership, LucidMood created and delivered THC and CBD products precisely formulated to deliver specific effects – LUMINOUS, LOVING, LIVELY, LUSCIOUS, & LULLABY – while allowing consumers to retain control and clarity of thought. His background has allowed him to create the company from the ground up, bringing his unique vision of cannabis products to the market.

Tristan Watkins, PhD.


Dr. Tristan Watkins is a neuroscientist that studies how terpenes and cannabinoids interact with the nervous system and applies this knowledge to create cannabis formulas that deliver distinct and predictable effects. His cannabis research began as a passion project during graduate school at Vanderbilt University, where he researched how changes in brain structure and function lead to changes in behavior. Dr. Watkins currently serves as the Chief Science Officer of LucidMood, where he formulates and validates experimental products.