& Euphoric

Feel like royalty with this luxurious retreat.

With a 4:1 THC to CBD ratio, all of your senses will be delighted. This is the time to indulge in your favorite guilty pleasures.

The lavender scent of Linalool blisses you out while Caryophyllene rolls off the tongue with a rich spice flavor.


“After being a medicinal dabber for years, I didn’t think vapes worked on me anymore. Then I hit LUSCIOUS, ate 2 cupcakes, lost my phone, and tried to take a cold dab all within 5 minutes.”

Jessica K.

“Wow, finally a vape pen that hits the same way every time, and hits just as hard as the rest. I was absolutely LIT after smoking a couple hits of this product.”

Dave P
Los Angeles

“I’m not usually into getting super stoned, but the way LUSCIOUS makes me feel keeps me coming back for more. A full body buzz and touch of giggle fits, with no crash.”

Marisol D.
Los Angeles

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