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Future Weed: Formulations, Patents and Where Cannabis Is Going Next

“You can get something along the lines of a designer high,” says Tristan Watkins, chief science officer of LucidMood, which curates cannabinoid and terpene ratios to foster different moods for a line of vape pens. “We wanted to build additional formulations to help highlight or amplify the positive effect that people were looking for out of cannabis, while also mitigating the antithesis,” he says.

LucidMood’s Great Trick: Selling Cannabis to People Who Don’t Like Feeling High

As the primary people who customers interact with at a dispensary, budtenders have enormous influence. They function like a concierge — listening to people’s needs and habits, and offering a product to match. Industry data shows that more than 90 percent of consumer- buying decisions are based on budtender recommendations.

Which Gets You Hornier: Indica or Sativa?

Cannabis should not be seen as a performance enhancer, but more as a way to bring people closer together or reduce roadblocks to intimacy,” agrees Tristan Watkins, PhD and Chief Science Officer at LucidMood, a Denver based cannabis brand. In other words, through increasing emotional intimacy, which can be aided by cannabis, physical intimacy can be sparked.